Outdoor fountains are captivating focal points that add charm and serenity to residential and commercial spaces. To ensure these beautiful water features continue to shine, proper maintenance and care are essential. LA Pool Guys specializes in expert weekly fountain cleaning and maintenance services, as well as professional draining and cleaning for fountains without filtration systems. Discover how our team can help you maintain the beauty and tranquility of your outdoor fountains.

1. Weekly Fountain Cleaning and Maintenance

Residential and Commercial Fountain Services

Our weekly fountain cleaning and maintenance services are designed to keep your fountains looking pristine and operating flawlessly:

2. Draining and Cleaning Services

For Fountains Without Filtration Systems

For fountains that lack filtration systems, proper maintenance is even more critical. LA Pool Guys offers professional draining and cleaning services to keep these fountains in excellent condition:

3. The LA Pool Guys Advantage

Choose LA Pool Guys for your fountain maintenance needs and experience the following advantages:

4. Get Started with LA Pool Guys

Elevate the beauty and longevity of your outdoor fountains with LA Pool Guys’ professional maintenance services. Contact us today at (213) 999-7665 (Pool) or email us at lapool@lapoolguys.com to schedule your weekly fountain cleaning and maintenance or inquire about our draining and cleaning services for fountains without filtration systems.


At LA Pool Guys, we are dedicated to preserving the allure and serenity of your outdoor fountains through our weekly cleaning, maintenance, and draining services. Let us take the hassle out of fountain care, ensuring that your fountains remain captivating focal points for years to come. Contact us today to start your fountain maintenance program and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of well-maintained outdoor water features.